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I looked in the mirror, and all I seen was a sepulchre.

By your hands, these bones can live again. X2

Miracle Maker, Send me forth to desecrate their graves.

Send me forth to desecrate their graves.

You call this a church?

This is a mausoleum. Mausoleum.

Holy spirit burn away the decay, that infests this gathering together of the saints.

Strip from the pulpits, self-seeking fakes,

Misleading the masses.

Purge this land, of houses of infinite death.

Prayers for abolition, Ekklesia, Arise

Crush Satan’s strongholds

you see society. I see one mass grave.

This is the march of the dead. X2

One man stands, His blood flows.

Bathe in rivers of life.

Bathe in forgiveness.

I see you given the choice.

Choose this day whom you will serve

Who will you serve? x2

Refuse to lie down like a coward. x2


We are the change!

Woe, to you, O, Hypocrites.

Whitewashed tombs, full of death,

Full of death.

How will you escape?

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